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Venezula Visitor Presents to Students

Cristian Hernandez visited Porter Ridge Middle to speak with students about the culture of his home country Venezuela.  He is an audio/visual journalism student from Universidad del Zulia and is in his fifth semester. In addition, Cristian is a photographer, translator, and an insurance agent.

Our students had a rare experience in being able to meet with Christian and learn about Venezuela. Students learned about the geography, economics, education and culture of the country. They also played games common to Venezuela like the sack race played with burlap sacks.

Students were interested to learn that Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest, unbroken waterfall in the world and that you can only get there by helicopter. They also learned about gasoline subsidies that made it possible to fill your tank with less than one dollar.

Written by: Christine Courtney
Posted: Dec 22, 2014 by Christine Courtney

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