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Fourth Graders Explore NC Sparking Inquiry

Students in Mrs. Seaman's class proudly display their work.

Mrs. Seaman's fourth grade class has been studying the symbols, cutlure and traditions of North Carolina past and present.  Each student chose a different NC symbol to research.  After learning about their chosen symbol, each student was asked to create a decoration to share what was learned and to present a product to the rest of the class.  This sparked a genuine interest in the rest of the symbols of North Carolina, and the students decided to do further research on their own.

This is an example of Inquiry-based learning.  In this model of instruction, teachers present students with concepts and then encourage them to frame their own questions in a way that makes learning more meaningful.

With Carolina traditions in mind, students also studied barn quilts found in the rural areas of NC.  These barn quilts not only speak to the historical reference; but also lead to a discovery of the math attributes found in geometric shapes.  In this way, connections between disciplines are strengthened and again, learning is made more meaningful for the students.

Written by: Kathy Seaman
Posted: Jan 02, 2015 by Blair Austin

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