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UCPS Speech Language Pathologists are awarded grants

Cheryl Nebel, Donna Brown, and Terese Uliano on the front page.

Union County Public Schools Speech Language Pathologists, Terese Uliano, Cheryl Nebel and Donna Brown were awarded grants.

Terese Uliano, Speech Language Pathologist, was one of 44 Union County Public Schools educators that received a grant from the Union County Education Foundation.  She works at Weddington Middle and Weddington High School with students with significant disabilities whom often lack the necessary language skills needed to successfully integrate into their school community.  Using the $500 grant Mrs. Uliano will use the concept of “reverse inclusion”, which provides a stepping stone to inclusion by creating a safe and supported environment for the students with disabilities to interact and learn positive communication strategies from their non-disabled peers.  Activities are designed to specifically address communication deficits such as appropriate greetings, asking questions, topic maintenance, eye contact and proxemics. 

Cheryl Nebel, Speech Language Pathologist and Donna Brown, PK EC Teacher at Walter Bickett Education Center were awarded grants from the Bright Ideas Grant Foundation and Union Power Cooperative.  Combined the grants equal $813.00 and will be used for Apraxia therapy and materials to improve social communication skills with preschoolers.  The Kauffman resources will help students with apraxia, a motor planning difficulty which impacts a child’s ability to produce intelligible speech.  Materials will also be used to develop social skills with EC Preschool students so that they form positive relationships with others.  They may feel isolated because they do not how to enter play with other children.  For children who have difficulty reading social cues, skills need to be directly taught.  The Incredible Flexible You is a social emotional learning curriculum for children ages 4-7.  It combines colorful storybooks, detailed lesson guides, parent involvement, and a music CD to teach children how to improve their social-emotional problem solving skills. 

Written by: Julie Parlier, Lead Speech Language Pathologist
Posted: Jan 05, 2015 by CoRetta Limous

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