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The Fruition of Fundraising

UCEC gets an upgrade.

Our new principal, Mr. Conner, brought fresh ideas to UCEC upon arriving on campus, especially in the area of fundraising. According to him, “When I arrived at the school, I was told that the students played basketball, volleyball, and soccer at lunch every day. I thought it was very interesting for high school students to be active during lunch. However, when I looked at the facilities, I realized that we needed to upgrade areas used. The Ghost Ball Drop helped us accomplish that goal. The district maintenance department is completing the project, so hats off of to them, the kids, faculty, and everyone who participated in the fundraiser.” Students were delighted and surprised to return from winter break and discover construction has begun. They will have a new cement court and goals for basketball, a regulation size, sand volleyball court, and new goals for the soccer field.

This will be a great improvement over the grass field that had been worn down to the dirt, one basketball goal, makeshift volleyball nets, and no soccer goals that was the previous UCEC athletic field. Now they are waiting breathlessly for the completion of the transformation so they can challenge their peers and show off their athletic prowess. Thanks to everyone who helped bring this to fruition, especially Mrs. Roldan, who truly was the backbone of the effort.

Written by: Santiago Bonilla and Mandy Bell
Posted: Jan 07, 2015 by Mandy Bell

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