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Learning About Japan

Mrs. Reeder’s class is having a great time studying about the country of Japan. We are learning about Japanese family structure, living conditions, transportation, education, foods, weather and even sports. We will carry our study throughout the year, but especially focus on winter holidays and traditions.

Japanese traditions are enjoying eating turkey, exchanging of gifts and caroling during the holiday season. We learned Santa Claus does visit some children in Japan. Hoteiosho also visits children in Japan. He has eyes in the back and front of his head to observe the behavior of children. If the children are well behaved he will bring them toys. Japanese families decorate their Christmas trees with fans, lanterns, flowers, and dolls. We enjoyed making paper fans like the ones used to decorate Christmas trees in Japan.

Written by: Keela Reeder, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 08, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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