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Kaden Graham wins the PWMS annual Spelling Bee

Kaden Graham, 7th grader wins the PWMS spelling bee

 Recently, Parkwood Middle School held their annual Spelling Bee to see which of their students would go on to compete in the county competition on January 28th.
Prior to the event, each communication skills class held a preliminary round to determine who their representatives would be. The winner from the class would go on to compete in the school-wide spelling bee, with the runner up acting as an alternate. The winner of the Spelling Bee, Kaden Graham from Mrs. Morris’s 7th Grade class was actually the alternate. The son of Kyle and Trisha Graham of Waxhaw was surprised to find himself competing. “I didn’t even get to study,” he said. However, his exceptional spelling skills paid off, and he won with the word, “sedentary.”
This is Kaden’s first year at Parkwood Middle, and he says, “I love the teachers. The Parkwood staff is amazing!” Besides spelling and Parkwood, Kaden also loves to cook. His favorite dish to prepare is Eggplant Parmesan, and if his cooking is as good as his spelling, it must be a pretty amazing dish.
Parkwood wishes Kaden the best of luck as he represents Parkwood in the county-wide competition!

Written by: Nicole DePietro, Lisa Chapman
Posted: Jan 08, 2015 by Lisa Chapman

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