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Wingate After School Program, SEALS, Take Globalization to New Levels

Students of Wingate Elementary’s 21st Century after school program, take globalization to new levels. As part of the program, students get an opportunity to explore the different continents around the globe. Students in the program now understand what biomes are and the various animals that can be found in different biomes in Africa (camels in desserts, gorillas in the forest).
Emphasis was placed on rainforests, not only as it relates to Africa, but the different areas around the globe where they are found. Students were given the opportunity to explore and understand the behaviors of gorillas, one of the animals found in the forest of Africa. Questions such as why they (gorillas) walk the way they do was examined first hand. As part of this exploration, student creativity was tested as they made knuckle walkers (see photo) in order to understand the difficulty that may be encountered walking on “all fours”. Testing out their products allowed them to realize what might be ideal for walking long distances while providing the necessary protection.

Melissa Ottaway, NBCT
Literacy Teacher
Wingate Elementary

Written by: Jessica Fenyves
Posted: Jan 09, 2015 by Jessica Fenyves

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