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Fourth Grade Scientists Explore Electricity

Fourth graders experiment with electricity.

The student scientists in Ms. Barrett’s fourth grade class have been experimenting with how electricity works. Her class discovered how to make electricity flow from a D-cell battery to a light bulb and motor. The students investigated ways to find out how to make the light bulb light and make the motor run.

The students also learned about what circuits are and how they work. In groups they conducted experiments. Each group used  a D-cell battery, a motor, a circuit switch and a circuit base. These experiments lead the students to see how circuits work and how the flow of electricity only works with a closed circuit. They learned about conductors and insulators as well. Each group was able to walk around the classroom with the circuit base, D-cell battery, wires and a motor to experiment on objects to see if they could find conductors to make the motor run.  The students were quire excited about their discoveries!

Written by: Blair Austin
Posted: Jan 12, 2015 by Blair Austin

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