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4th Graders Learn Politics from Representative Dean Arp

Mrs. Bassett's class with Representative Dean Arp.

Mrs. Bassett and Ms. Fernandez’s class had a special guest!  They were joined by Union County House of Representatives member, Dean Arp. 

The students were able to enjoy a hands-on experience on how the state government works and to hear Mr. Dean Arp’s personal experiences.  Mr. Dean was a true inspiration for the students and inspired many to research on their own to learn more. 

Mr. Arp taught them the process of the three branches of government and the roles of the various people within each branch.   Students were divided into three groups in order to go through the process of voting a bill into a law.


They elected officials among themselves through an election process.  Mr. Arp helped the students understand the importance of each official and to help them through the proper election process. 

All the students walked away with valuable learning from the experience. 

The judicial branch learned to be impartial to the proposed bills when they were voting on if they were constitutional or not.

The executive branch learned how the governor is in power but still has a cabinet to assist in his/her voting.  

The legislative branch learned how bills are voted for within their house and then traded to be voted on. 

By the end of the visit, students were able to veto and create a class law. They vetoed school uniforms and decided on the law that all 4th grade classes should have recess together. 

The students really enjoyed their experience with Mr. Arp.  It will definitely be one that they will remember for a lifetime!

Elected officials: Lorie was head of Judicial, Hannah was leader of House of Representatives, Mya was Head of Senate, and Kaitlyn was Governor




Mrs. Fernandez' class with Representative Dean Arp.

Written by: Kari Bassett, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 13, 2015 by Carrie Johnson

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