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How Diverse Are We?

AIG students researched their family trees and the countries of origin of some of their ancestors in a project designed to promote cultural awareness and celebrate diversity. Students interviewed parents and grandparents, searched a variety of web resources and utilized the media center during the process of writing books about themselves and their ancestors. Creating personal timelines, constructing family trees and recording cultural traditions and histories were all part of this huge project.

In the Benton Heights AIG Reading class of 10 students, 8 different countries were represented. Students learned about Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Ghana, China, and Hawaii (The U.S. but we considered it a very different culture).

We learned a great deal about how diverse our classroom and school is and how we can each contribute to the enrichment of each other’s lives.

Written by: Mrs. Kim Harris, BHESA AIG Teacher
Posted: Jan 13, 2015 by Beth Lanzy

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