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Kirby Visits Marketing Students

Ian Fadden,10th; Presson Norwood, 12th; Jacob Smith, 9th; Reid Viar, 9th; Katie Williams, 12th; and Malcolm Wade, 9th; listen to guest speaker Chris Kirby in Marketing class.

 Mr. Lyons, Marketing teacher, had guest speaker Chris Kirby from Petty Holdings visit his class January 7. Kirby spoke about his career in marketing and his current career in Petty holdings. Mr. Kirby taught the class about the career of marketing, and showed them what the Richard Petty Driving Experience is. Chris Kirby is the Marketing Director for Petty Holdings He used to work as the Marketing Director for Carowinds. 

Mr. Kirby showed all the many things Richard Petty Driving Experience has to offer, such as driving NASCAR car’s, Lamborghini’s, and Mustang’s. He also showed the class some new things that they are going to add, like driving in the desert and the new cars at Disney World from the movie “Cars.” All the activities can be done in the many locations they have such as Las Vegas, Disney World, and Concord. 

Mr. Kirby also reminded Mr.Lyons’ class that “One of the most important things in marketing to remember is the 4 P’s which are product, price, place, and promotion.”

He showed them just how important the 4 P’s are since he uses them today. Mr. Lyons’ students were glad to have Mr. Kirby as a guest speaker, since he let them know just how important that class is.

Special thanks to Mr. Kirby from Mr. Lyons and his students! 

Written by: CHS freshman Ylde Vilchez
Posted: Jan 20, 2015 by Judy Davis

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