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UCPS workshop equips teachers to empower their students

These two UCPS teachers are among 110 who participated in a “Conscious Discipline” workshop.

The way an adult handles a child who is misbehaving can either foster or inhibit that child’s ability to develop self-regulation.

With this in mind, about 110 Union County Public School teachers, administrators and support staff participated in a “Conscious Discipline” workshop facilitated by Kim Hughes on Jan. 20 at the Union County Agricultural and Conference Center.

The workshop, a collaborative effort between NC Pre-K, UCPS Exceptional Children Pre-K and the UCPS Title I program, took an in-depth look into a research-based classroom management system and social-emotional learning program for early childhood and elementary schools.

The program addresses the adult's skill set first, and then empowers that adult to teach and model these skills with children.

“Teachers were actively engaged in learning ‘Brain Smart’ strategies that promote the power of perception and self-composure,” said Lisa Gibson, director of academically and intellectually gifted and federal programs.

“Conscious Discipline, developed by researcher Dr. Becky Bailey, suggests, ‘Discipline isn’t something you do to children, it’s something you develop within them’,” Gibson added.

Teachers had the opportunity to practice the tools students can access to successfully navigate life events, in and out of the classroom.

The presenter addressed empowerment skills such as attention, acceptance and intention, as well as discipline skills like composure, empathy and consequences.

Life skills such as anger management, cooperation and problem solving were also addressed.

“The session emphasized the importance of building relationships as the heart of discipline in the classroom,” Gibson said.

“Conscious Discipline,” along with the philosophy of Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (SEFEL), have been implemented in all Pre-K classrooms district-wide this school year.


Written by: Lisa Gibson Director of AIG and Federal Programs and Deb Bledsoe, Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 21, 2015 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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