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Rianne the Spelling Champ

    Recently a fourth grade student in Mrs. Montalvo’s class, Hailey R. showed her leadership skills when she interviewed a classmate and wrote her own article. Hailey loves to write so she took her love of writing and put it to use when she choose a topic for a website article that she thought would be of interest. Both girls had to use many of the 7 habits they had learned to complete this. They did a great job synergizing. Their leadership is evident in their daily activities.

Rianne said, “Hailey took me to another room and asked me a lot of questions and then she wrote about me as the Spelling Champ.”

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about Rianne. She is in fourth grade and 9 years old, and has 1 older sister named Kaitlyn and 1 older brother named Kyle. They both went to Rocky River Elementary as well.

Rianne practices spelling daily with her mother or grandpa. Rianne’s family is concerned she might mess up, but they are there to support her.

Rianne has a wide variety and amount of words to study. She studies her words probably an hour and a half a day. She does an outstanding job on spelling and everybody thinks that too.

We wish her good luck in the County Spelling Bee tomorrow, January 28.

Written by: Hailey R. (fourth grade student)
Posted: Jan 27, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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