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Sun Valley Elementary School Collects Books for Classroom Libraries

Students in Kristen Williams's 5th grade class show off some books that have been donated.

Sun Valley Elementary School has started a reading campaign that involves collecting new and used books for classroom libraries. Many new teachers to the school simply don’t have enough reading materials to support a literature rich environment and are filling the gap with materials from the county’s public library.

Luke Valentine in Zvi Vines’s 2nd grade class said, “I brought in books to help them learn about different fun stuff.”

Kaylin Womack, in Andrea Barbosa’s 2nd grade class said it is important to bring in books “because I want to help kids that don’t have books so they can read at night time.”

Many teachers also maximize the school’s library by checking out and circulating materials as a grade level. A print out of materials helps ensure materials are returned before reading carts rotate.

Fourth grade teacher Tracy Gilfillan said, “I think that it will be very beneficial to every teacher in the school.” She later discussed a need for both fiction and nonfiction titles.

In the past, many teachers bought extra reading materials for their classrooms. With education budget cuts, it makes it even harder to supply students with the necessary reading materials to succeed. The federal government continues to supply teachers with an education deduction; however, $250.00 does not go very far when considering many classes have around 25 students each.

SVES’s AIG teacher Sally Petoskey, who owns about 750 titles in her classroom collection, said, “I have been impressed with all the different types of books that have been brought in so far. I think that it has been great.”

When the school was built six years ago, it did not have a book room where teachers could check out multiple leveled reading materials on the same topic that would help support small reading groups. Since coming to Sun Valley Elementary, Principal Dr. Terri Cooper has made a personal goal of providing educators with a sustainable book room that provides them with materials to succeed. Doing so has positively impacted school achievement as documented in recent testing scores.

Principal, Dr. Terri Cooper said, “As the school continues to grow, it is clear that the school’s book room must also continue to provide enough resources for all students at their individual learning needs.”

New and used book donations are welcomed and accepted during school hours.

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Jan 28, 2015 by Kevin Vickers

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