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Corina Strings her Way to Victory

UCEC is full of talented students; however in the case of Corina, her special talent involves the violin. Though she says her family is musically inclined, she recently had the opportunity to audition for the Southeast String Festival hosted at UNC Greensboro. Unsurprising to those who have heard her play, she made First Chair, which means she was the Concertmaster, who is second only to the Conductor. The musicians spent two days in Greensboro rehearsing for the big event on Saturday. Once again, Corina wound up on top. Most of the performers had to spend their time in an impersonal hotel room, but she was able to stay in a dorm with her brother. Did we mention the musical family? Her brother attends UNCG as a Music undergraduate, so Corina was able to spend time in practicing with her brother. When asked about the experience she stated, “It was a lot of fun; I wish I was still there.” We are proud of her and glad she is a member of the UCEC family.

Written by: Morgan Oliver, Mandy Bell
Posted: Jan 29, 2015 by Mandy Bell

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