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On January 27,2015, Discovery Place came to our school.

Do you know the states of matter? On January 27,2015 Discovery Place came to our school and answered that question.Everyone had a blast with Discovery Place’s visit because of the Invest-A-Kid fundraiser-thanks PTA! The scientist was named Mr.Jeff and he made things blow up! It was a great time for Shiloh!

The science experiments were very dangerous, so don’t try them at home! Shiloh teachers want you to be safe! People also got to help Mr.Jeff with the experiments. He made liquid nitrogen and it was cold! When he poured it on the ground, it turned into gas right away because the gym floor was warmer than the nitrogen.

Another cool thing that he did was he tried to hammer a nail with a banana, but the banana had liquid inside it. When that did not work,he put it into the liquid and that froze the banana into a solid. When he hammered it again, the nail went in!

Mr.Jeff also had some balloons and he put them inside the liquid nitrogen. The balloons froze, but when he took them out, the balloons defrosted! That happened because the liquid nitrogen was colder than the gym .

Thank you so much Discovery Place for coming we hope you can come again!

Written by: Margaret Dumbuya and Anthony Omundson
Posted: Jan 30, 2015 by Mark Greene

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