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1st Grade Measures Up!

First graders at Western Union are doing an AMAZING job with their measuring unit. 

We began the unit by learning how to put objects in order from shortest to tallest or smallest to longest! 

We even put ourselves in order from shortest to tallest! 

First graders had to work together and problem-solve to figure out who was taller or shorter and where each person in their group belonged.  

Next we learned to compare objects with each other.  We used one of our shoes to find objects in the room that were shorter or longer than our shoe. 

On the promethean board we put items into categories that were taller than a door or shorter than a door!

Now we are using non-standard measurement to find out how long objects are. 

We have measured with unifix cubes, paper clips, counters, links, and even our feet!

This is such a fun unit to compare and measure objects in the world we live in.  What is taller or shorter than you?




Written by: Jennifer Dobbins, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 06, 2015 by Carrie Johnson

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