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International Global Recognition

 Rocky River is proud to have achieved the final designation of a UCPS International School for the second year in a row for our efforts in bringing globalization into the classroom. This is the highest recognition a school can achieve in the county’s Globalization initiative and is part of our district's focus on Globalization, Innovation and Graduation.

The activities planned throughout the school year in both the Global Studies/Technology class and individual classroom help to achieve this status. These activities were then submitted to the county in an electronic portfolio for review according to a UCPS Global Schools rubric. Some of the students favorite activities were collaboration on projects with sister schools and others around the world. We worked on a magazine with students in Australia, England, Japan, New Zealand and the United States about schools. Our water project in second grade with India, England, South Africa, Kenya, Australia and the United States about the importance of having clean water for everyone and easily available. Our Skype session with England and Australia along with other nations we got to hear about with our sister school in Australia. The presentation on Australia from “The World in our Backyard” and our guest speakers many of whom were our parents taking time to share their cultural backgrounds with classes which allowed us hand-on experiences.

Schools were awarded points based on the number of global initiatives the school incorporated into its educational offerings. To get the maximum points, Rocky River teachers not only integrated a variety of global activities into our program, but also maintained detailed documentation so the judges could see the variety of activities we do. There were around 18 different categories we could have participated in to gain points including global lessons, school wide festival, service projects, recycling, guest speakers and presentations, professional development, sister schools (both United Kingdom and Australia)and business partnerships.

The rubric has several levels of recognition. Since the introduction of the Global Initiative, Rocky River has made strong growth and for two years we’ve been named a "UCPS International School"! We are proud owners of 2 big and beautiful banners and plaques representing our achievement in integrating culture, technology and environmental activities into our educational program.

Thank you to all our guest visitors (both in person and by technology), community members, parents and staff that helped us learn more about the world we live in and grow as global learners.

Written by: Brenda Todd -Global Studies/Technology Teacher
Posted: Feb 10, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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