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Fourth grade students are working hard!

The fourth grade has been very busy this quarter. In math we finished our geometry unit making Super Hero masks. We have also been busy practicing our division and multiplication. We are now well into our fraction unit.

In reading we are in our Social Issues and Book Club unit. As a grade we are reading Wonder by RJ Palacio. In the book, August’s (the main character) teacher has a precept for each month. A precept is a rule to live by. We have been creating our own precepts and writing about what it means to us. We highly recommend the book Wonder. Our book clubs are going strong. We are learning how to communicate with others about books. We are using Google classroom to record our thinking as well as complete assignments.

In Social Studies we have just settled the three regions of North Carolina, the coastal plains, the piedmont (where we live) and the mountains. We then moved into the French and Indian War. We are headed to the American Revolution soon. 

In science we just finished our Health and Nutrition unit and wow, were we surprised to see how much fat was in our favorite snacks. We also analyzed our favorite restaurant meal for its nutritional value and then made some healthy alternate choices...boy did we learn a lot.

Written by: Mrs. Marci Micciantuono, BHESA 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 11, 2015 by Beth Lanzy

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