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Lizbeth reading to the Kindergarteners in Ms. Wortha’s class

 At Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts resource teachers are teaming up with classroom teachers to offer opportunities for one grade level to strengthen their needs by using what they already know to teach others. Reinforcing their skills and building their visiting classroom.

Here, Lizbeth is a 4th grade student from Ms. Marci Micciantuono's/Mrs. Olenma Alvarez classroom working on building her fluency while reading to Ms. Jonica Wortha's Kindergarten Classroom. Together we can overcome our needs while strengthening our skills. 4th grader is practicing her fluency and Kindergarten students are learning how to interact when guest speakers are in the room/school (which is important at BHESA as we are a school of the arts). Kindergarten is listening to a story and answering questions about the text. Lizbeth is modeling what good readers do to find answers to their questions.

Written by: Olenma Alvarez, EC Teacher at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts
Posted: Feb 11, 2015 by CoRetta Limous

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