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Wild About Adaptations

In Mr. Brooks' Science class they have been working extremely hard on classifying animals adaptations. Students were paired in groups and created a poster to represent the animal they were given.

Students learned vocabulary words such as variation, physical adaptation, behavioral adaptation, camouflage, and habitat.

Not only did students get the chance to expand their knowledge about animals, they used key communication and leadership skill while working in groups. Each student had their own roll in the group.

The students divided up responsibilities like, poster design manager, illustrator, summary coordinator, vocabulary enricher, and fact finder. Students took their roles and worked as teams to complete the assignment.

Students ended up churning out fantastic posters to display in the hallway. Each student took pride in their work and have a beautiful display to show for it.

Mr. Brooks' class Knocked this assignment out of the park!!!


Written by: Nicholas Brooks, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 13, 2015 by Carrie Johnson

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