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Second graders learn about Africa!

  Following a presentation by "World in Our Backyard" about Africa, several of Ms. Glasheen's second graders wrote about their learning:

" Children only learn one hour at school everyday. The desert is bigger than the United States. They wear colorful clothing with lots of designs. Boys watch the animals so they don't run away. Girls don't hunt but boys do. They have to dig to find water sometimes. Girls carry baskets full on water on their heads! They call soccer balls footballs" - by Kaitlyn.

"Africa is a place. I love that. It's a country. I got dressed up. I played in it. Girls can get water." - by Jack W.

"In Africa, they have a talking stick and who has it gets to talk. The girls get water. The boys hunt. They make necklaces out of paper. They live in villages. They ride on camels since they have no cars. They have schools in the rainforest. The biggest river is the Nile River." - by Peyton.


Written by: Kaitlyn, Jack, and Peyton
Posted: Feb 13, 2015 by Rachel Clarke

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