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Rocky River Bus Drivers are Special!

Mr. Jackson and Rocky River Bus Drivers

 The “Love the Bus” campaign is sponsored by the American School Bus Council and is celebrated on Valentine’s Day and throughout February as a way to raise awareness and appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of school bus drivers who safely transport school children to and from school each day.

Last week Rocky River showed appreciation for our bus drivers with treats in the cafeteria. We appreciate their dedication to our students and making sure that students arrive and leave school safely on their buses each day. This is what some students had say about their bus drivers…
• “She/he knows me and calls me by my name.”
• “They make sure we sit down and stay safe on the bus.”
• “They speak to us when we get on the bus.”
• “They make sure we are safe getting on and off the bus.”
• “She always smiles.”
• “He makes funny jokes.”
• “They talk to us.”
• “She brings me back to school when my mom’s not at home.”
• “They like us because they smile and talk to us.”
• “They have to take care of lots of kids.”
• “Thank you , bus drivers for making us feel special.”
• “They take us on field trips which are fun.”
• “Our drivers keep us safe and get us home each day.”
• “He’s really nice to me and gives me a high five.”
• “She takes care of me each day.”

Getting to know a little more about our friendly, helpful, dedicated bus drivers.

Catherine Butler Bus 227
I’m from Monroe, NC and I’ve been a driver for 10 years. I love driving the bus and working with kids.

Tim Cheek Bus 151
I am 35 years old. This is my 4th year driving a school bus. I grew up in Gastonia, NC. I moved to Indian Trail 10 years ago when I got married.

Vanessa Perry Bus 151
I’m from Sanford, NC. I have been with Union County Transportation for 4 ½ years. I worked in Lee County Schools for 9 years as a teacher assistant before moving to Monroe, NC.

Kim Smith Bus 599
I am from Marshville, NC. I attended Union County Public Schools. I am a graduate of Forest Hills High School class of 1985. I have been driving for UCPS Transportation for 5 years. I enjoy driving the school bus and safety is my goal. I strive daily to get students to and from school safe every day.

Angela Bailey Bus 372
I’ve been driving bus 372 since 2011. It is a joy to see the faces of (my) children when we’re together. I get to meet a different personality every day. I love it. I’m from Union County, born and raised with 5 other siblings and I myself am a proud mother of 1 young adult daughter who is in college (her freshman year) at WSSU. It’s not always easy in transporting day to day BUT.. they make every moment a joyful one. Ask (my) kids who the BEST BUS DRIVER IS… 372 We ROCK! Girls Rule, Boys are Awesome.

Darwin Anderson Bus 305 (now  Bus 22)
For the last two years I have been driving a school bus picking up children for Rocky River Elementary. For the last year and half I was the driver for bus 305, a week ago I started driving for bus 22. The first 54 years of my life I lived in the state of California. At the age of 18 I obtained my school bus driver’s license. I have driven buses and trucks for the last 45 years. For thirteen years I was a tour bus driver in California. As a tour bus driver I have driven groups to most of the western states. I have driven in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. September of 2008 my wife and I moved from California to North Carolina to be near our grandchildren. I have two sons and a daughter and nine grandchildren with one on the way. April 1st 2009 I started driving for Union County Public Schools. I count it a privilege to be a school bus driver. I know what some of you would say ALL THOSE CHILDREN? You’re right there are days. But as a school bus driver I realize the awesome responsibility. In California on the back of our tour buses was this statement “PRECIOUS CARGO ON BOARD”. And that is what I pick up from their home and take to school every morning and what we as drivers and buses that have monitors on them say “PRECIOUS CARGO ON BOARD”.

Macy L. Redmon Bus 467
I Macy L. Redmon am 68 years old and married for 45 years- July 4th 1970. I have 2 kids and am retired from the Navy (23 years- Specialized in Baking). Retired Civil Service (20 years- Transportation) drove Navy school buses. I graduated high school in 1965 and drove school buses 2 years then one tour in Vietnam. I have traveled in all 50 states which was one of my goals. I also attended college and have about 142 credit hours where my major was business management. After all the traveling I settled in Vallejo, CA and lived in California for 40 plus years. Yes I miss the hot and warm climate but for personal reasons was brought back to NC. I was born and raised in Wilkesboro, NC and left for the military and never returned until now and I’m back in NC driving a school bus again.

THANK YOU to the Rocky River Bus Drivers from the students, staff and parents! We appreciate you.

Written by: Bus Drivers and Brenda Todd
Posted: Feb 18, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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