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 At Kensington Elementary we had special guests come to our school. Students gathered at the library on February 10, 2015, for an exciting opportunity. Everyone there had fun and learned some Taijiquan moves from a true Taijiquan master from China. They also saw a presentation which contained some very interesting information. Taijiquan is said to originate in China a thousand years ago. Taijiquan is used for body health, fighting, and exercise. It is said that Taijiquan was first only allowed to be learned by the rich. Today lots of people learn Tai-Chi for many reasons. It was fascinating to see this Chinese tradition performed for our school. This was a global experience for the students who participated and one they’ll never forget.


Written by: Written by Jillian St. Hilaire, fifth grade student
Posted: Feb 18, 2015 by Rachel Clarke

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