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Cavs Experience 'Discover China Day'

CHS students learn the Peacock dance during 'Discover China Day' at Marvin Ridge High School.

Mrs.Catie Helms’ Fitness and Nutrition class experienced “Discover China Day” at Marvin Ridge High School on Friday, February 13. Throughout the day the class experienced Chinese dancing, paper cutting and origami, Chinese painting, and tea tasting. The class was invited to attend “Discover China Day” due to the exercise in the Chinese dancing and the drinking of the healthy tea that they were able to sample.

“I found the sampling of the tea and learning how to make it interesting,” said Kyle LeBlanc (11th grade). The teas that were sampled were green tea, red tea, rose tea, and flower tea.

“My favorite that I sampled was the red (black) tea,” said Taylor Offerdahl (10th grade).

The class was also taught the proper ways to serve and prepare the tea.

“I learned that flower tea is made with actual flowers that are placed in the cup,” said Chris Selph (10th grade).

The fitness part of the trip was the learning of the Chinese dance culture. Dance instructors from the Beijing Dance Academy taught us the practice and history of Chinese dancing.

“We learned the Peacock dance from a Chinese dance instructor,” said Kylee Ingram (11th grade).

Throughout the activity, the instructors taught the Peacock dance step by step.

Chinese painting was instructed by teachers and students from the Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University. The class learned how to paint a panda and a flower on rice paper and a regular sheet of paper.

“My favorite part of the trip was the painting of the panda,” said Lexi Noch (10th grade.) The class was able to take their artwork home to share.

Another activity that was a part of “Discover China Day” was the learning of Chinese paper cutting. Students were able to cut different Chinese characters. Chinese paper cutting is a hobby that is very popular in the Chinese culture.

“It was great to learn a new hobby,” said Sam Mennitt (10th grade.)

Thank you Marvin Ridge High School and the volunteers for allowing our Fitness and Nutrition class to participate in Discover China Day! 

Written by: CHS junior Kylee Ingram
Posted: Feb 19, 2015 by Paula White

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