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Where did the first 100 days go?

Two of Mrs. Kaik's students dressed as "100 year old students."

How do kindergarten students, canes, hair curlers, grey hair and glasses with chains on them all tie together?
When you celebrate being 100 years old after being in school for 100 days!
On Friday, February 6, students in Mrs. Kaik’s kindergarten class celebrated the 100th day of school.
The children in her class brought in goodies made out of 100 items.
Items included a rainbow made out of 100 Skittles and marshmallows, a space scene with 100 stars, a gumball machine with 100 gumballs and a cup of hot cocoa with 100 marshmallows on top!
Throughout the day the students practiced counting items to 100, practiced writing their numbers to 100 and even built the number 100! Students made necklaces out of 100 Fruit Loops and crazy hats with 100 dots.
At the end of the day students were treated to finding 100 Hershey Kisses hidden around the classroom labeled with numbers from 1 to 100. The students had to find a Hershey Kiss, tell Mrs. Kaik the number, and then place it on the 100 board.
To end the day, the students ate 100 kisses from Mrs. Kaik!

Written by: Erin Kaik-Kindergarten teacher
Posted: Feb 23, 2015 by Jarrod Stegall

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