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Mike Hall Inspires Cavaliers

Cavs enjoy meeting and getting autographs from guest speaker Mike Hall at their assembly February 13. Pictured are Cameron Walser, 12th; Alex DeFranzo, 12th; Mike Hall; and Patrick Cole, 11th.

“Everyone wants to feel heroic.”

“We all want to feel like our lives matter.”

With those opening statements, guest speaker Mike Hall began his presentation to all CHS students on February 13. Hall is a motivational speaker for youth and the author of two books. His engaging message to students was simply this: To feel heroic, one has to make life better for someone else. Hall encouraged students to stop comparing themselves to others and feeling their life would be better if only they could trade places with someone else they admire.

“You do YOU,” he said. Hall told students to stop saying “If only…” and “It must be nice…” and “It’s not fair…” and “I wish…” and focus instead on earning the life you want for yourself. How? Hall said it’s like eating an elephant – one bite at a time. He said it doesn’t happen overnight but that things will change when we “own” it.

“I think that Mike Hall was a great speaker. It made me think of my life and how we should be grateful and not want someone else’s – because having someone else’s means dealing with all the stress they have too,” said senior Zoey Webb.

Hall used a green, yellow, and red stop light illustration to emphasize his points. Green = Relax and take breaks. Rest. Realize we are not robots. Hang out with people we want to be like. Yellow = Slow down and realize change does not happen overnight. There is a difference between idolizing and inspiring. Red = Stop trying to change or control others. Just do “you” and try to be an inspiration to others. Stop adding things to your life that add more stress. Hall shared with the audience that in growing up his family moved often and how hard it was to always be the “new kid” in every school.

Senior Jake Richer said, “He was a funny guy and he really knew how to get through to the teenage audience. I thought he did a great job. He was very inspiring, mainly because I think almost every kid in the auditorium could relate to him and what he was saying in some way.”

“I thought Mike Hall’s speech was outstanding. His advice really helped me out. I like knowing that I’m not the only one that sometimes feels alone,” said senior Moniquie Dedivanovic.

For more information on Mike Hall, visit http://mikeisspeaking.com/

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Feb 26, 2015 by Paula White

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