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Happy New Year

 New Salem Elementary second grade students welcomed guest speaker Mrs. Dana Edmisten on February 19. The three second grade classes assembled in the media center to learn about Asian culture and traditions in comparison to our own New Year traditions. She shared about the Lunar New Year celebrations of China and Vietnam. The celebration begins on the first day of the lunar month – the darkest day – and ends on the fifteenth day when the moon is the brightest in China. The Lunar New Year is called Tet in Vietnam and can last about seven days. In both Asian countries, the occasion is a time for family to gather to express remembrance and respect for ancestors as they celebrate their hope for a better year to come. In the Asian culture, the colors of red and yellow are believed to bring good fortune. Everyone wears new red clothes with hints of yellow in the design. The new year is a special time for visiting between family and friends, sharing elaborate meals, shooting fireworks, and giving gifts. The children eagerly look forward to receiving “lucky money” in bright red envelopes. The second grade students learned about the dragon dance through a brief media presentation. The second grade students enjoyed learning the calligraphy Chinese symbols for the Year of the Goat and love. Thank you, Mrs. Edmisten, for taking time to share with us. Happy New Year!!

Written by: Cheryl Batten, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 28, 2015 by Gina James

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