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Kindergarten Reuses the News!

Kindergarten classes decided the best way to help our environment is by reusing something that normally gets tossed in the trash! We asked for Kindergarten kids to bring in all of their newspapers for a special project. We collected two baskets full of newspapers in 5 days. What to do with old news? We cut it up in strips, dunked it in a glue and water mixture and created paper mache covered balloons. What a mess! After the paper mache dried we cut the balloon in half. Next we will make animal masks to be featured in our rainforest. You will have to come to the Kindergarten hallway on International Festival day  (March 30, 2015) to see the jaguars and ocelots hiding in the rainforest!

Written by: Lynn Mode, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Mar 02, 2015 by Kimberly Kovach

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