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Celebrating the Chinese Festival Together!

Marvin has had the Mandarin Chinese Immersion program in place now for three years. Our school was so excited to be invited to participate in the Chinese Festival recently held at Marvin Ridge High School.

There was a guest performer that performed a Lion Dance, as well as, a beautiful Chinese Dancer. The Marvin Ridge HS Women’s Choir performed and did an amazing job. One of the favorite performers was a Kung Fu expert who did a fierce performance. He demonstrated the power of thinking that is used in Kung Fu and even gave a Kung Fu lesson to a group of volunteers from the audience.

The walls were adorned with student work samples from our Marvin Elementary K-2 Chinese Immersion students. Each of our Chinese Immersion classes performed center stage for our families and friends. Chinese culture, organizations, food, art, and more were shared and enjoyed by all.

Written by: Linda Bischoff, Literacy Teacher Edited by Marni Menkin
Posted: Mar 04, 2015 by Marni Menkin

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