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Who is “Bonhomme”?

Mrs. Caddell's Class

 Students were also able to take a virtual tour of Quebec’s “Hotel de Glace”, the ice hotel where overnight guests sleep on beds of ice and are served drinks in cups made of blocks of ice.

Students also learned about sugar shacks, and how Canada’s famous maple syrup is made. After a video trip to a sugar bush (a Sugar Maple tree farm) students were shocked to learn about the many different foods the Quebecois eat with maple syrup. They also learned how precious the maple sap is: it takes 40 litres of sap to make one litre of syrup! Finally the students were able to explore the “Carnaval de Quebec” website, where they had fun playing memory games and creating carnival floats with Bonhomme. If they would like to continue the fun, the website is http://carnaval.qc.ca/en/. Joyeux Carnaval!

Written by: Mary Jo More
Posted: Mar 05, 2015 by Donna Ko

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