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Annual Science Night at Rocky River

MaryJane and Brianna - 5th Grade First Place Winners!

On March 3rd, Rocky River Elementary held its 7th annual science night.  Science Night was a chance for Rocky River’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to show off their knowledge and expertise of science.  4th and 5th graders presented their science fair projects that they had been working on for 8 weeks.  The topics for the science fair projects connected to 4th and 5th grade North Carolina Essential Standards.  The Science Fair was optional for the students and all work was done at home. When teachers were asked what they thought about the projects, all of them said pretty much the same thing: It’s amazing how much they know about the topic and how well they are able to talk about it.  It is very impressive.

There were 39 projects entered into the science fair with over 60 students participating. The winners for 4th grade were as follows: 1st place—Olivia Laukat, 2nd place—Bradley Baker, and 3rd place was a tie between Rivers Stewart and Lindsay Walters.  The 5th grade winners were as follows: 1st place—MaryJane O’Brien and Brianna Martin, 2nd place—Riley Harrison and Sam Shimberg, and 3rd place—Raven Harrison.  The most Original Project award went to Katherine Lally, a 4th grader.  Adam Haas, a 5th grade teacher, said “It is a great reflection on the teachers at Rocky River.  These kids have a passion for science and the skills to create and present original scientific experiments.  They have this passion and ability because of the teachers they have had throughout their time at Rocky River.”                  

Also at science night, a number of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders led 13 different hands on experiments around the building.  They guided parents and fellow students though multiple experiments that could be done with every day, house hold items. Students and parents together created invisible ink, built their own air rockets, and planted an entire garden in a plastic glove.  Overall, everyone involved had a great time and learned a great deal about the science that exists all around us.  Overall, a little over 400 parents and students attended science night. 

Written by: Adam Haas - 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 09, 2015 by

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