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Instructional Technology Mentor Teacher Training at Weddington Elementary

In this photo, she is sharing an idea with Sarah Whitmore, a 2nd grade ITMT participant from Waxhaw Elementary.

   UCPS Technology Services held workshops for the Instructional Technology Mentor Teachers (ITMT) at Weddington Elementary. This program includes about 30 teachers from 2nd & 3rd grade and 30 teachers from 4th & 5th grade from schools across the county.

   Teachers came to Weddington Elementary to participate in sessions to incorporate technology into their elementary classrooms. Having the workshop at this location was unique because teachers were able to visit model classrooms in both the middle and elementary schools.

   The ITMT teachers were able to visit Michelle Katon’s 2nd grade classroom who also participates in the ITMT program for Weddington Elementary. The students in her room had completed a story map online and and ended the unit by typing the final copy of their realistic fiction stories."

Written by: Written by Natalie Brucia, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Technology Services
Posted: Mar 10, 2015 by Sheila Chaney

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