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A Garden Grows at Rock Rest

Tayliah Graves gathers a plant so that she may identify the parts with Ms. Schexnider and her group. As Tayliah and others learn about plants they also make connections to nutrition and science in cooking classes tied to UCPS Essential Standards.

Plants and dirt have stories to tell and Rock Rest Elementary’s 21st Century after-school program third grade students are listening! Ms. Lauren Schexnider, a Rock Rest teacher, is a master gardener who speaks the language of plant parts and dirt’s oddities—and translates it for students eager to learn. The students are so excited about after school that they have named their program, “The Best After-School Program Ever!”

During the year students will study the same topics in science, but pulling up roots, tasting leaves, smelling the dirt cannot be taught from a book. As spring comes and the garden grows, what can taste as good as herbs grown with one’s own hands? It does not hurt to understand the micro-nutrients of that goodness either for these young gardeners.

Written by: Marie Brickman, 21st CCLC Program Director
Posted: Mar 03, 2015 by Meghan Jarrell

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