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FCCLA Members Volunteer at Local Shelter

CHS seniors Shanaia Lewis, Eliani Corriette (FCCLA President), Tyler Hicks (FCCLA Vice President), and Brianne Black prepare breakfast at the Monroe Community Shelter.

 The CHS FCCLA club, along with adviser Stefanie Carnathan, volunteered at the Monroe Community Shelter on February 28. The members prepared and served breakfast and interacted with the visitors at the shelter. The menu consisted of scrambled eggs, grits, and doughnuts. Students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of food preparation in large quantities, preparing for about 40 visitors in a short period of time.

Ms. Carnathan said, “In the past, I have volunteered at local food banks frequently. I contacted the director of this facility and asked her if we could participate in a volunteer opportunity relating to cooking since our club partially focuses on culinary and hospitality.”

During the breakfast, members learned about the opportunity to donate food for the pantry and other volunteer opportunities including clothing drives. There is a list of needed items on the shelter's Facebook page including clothing, blankets, and cleaning supplies. The club decided to take charge and create frozen meals to donate each month. They plan to cook meals that can be kept frozen and the shelter can remove them to be baked at any time. Meals could include chicken pot pies, lasagna, chili, and cookies.

Following the breakfast, club members assisted with the Trinity Church of South Carolina clothing drive outside the shelter and organized clothing by size and gender. Visitors can visit the facility and choose the items they need.

Tyler Hicks, Vice-President of the FCCLA club said, "My experience at the shelter was awesome. It felt great to just help people in need. I realized there are so many things that I and many others take for granted. The experience really opened my eyes and in the future, my club members and I plan on continuing to volunteer at the shelter."

Carnathan said that after the breakfast, the students wanted to learn more about other opportunities and how they can help more than just a few hours cooking breakfast. The club plans on volunteering at the shelter in the spring. They are going to hold a club meeting in the spring to get upcoming classmen to join FCCLA for next year and then visit the shelter with the new members in the summer. The FCCLA goal is to prepare and deliver meals for a quantity of 100 since the shelter serves about 100 people each day.

“The students felt so honored to be a part of the experience. They were respectful and socially interacted with the residents asking them questions to get to know them better,” said Ms. Carnathan. “The best part of the volunteer opportunity was seeing the smiles on the guests’ faces and interacting with the people asking them how they wanted their breakfast and fulfilling their requests. Students learned how to organize and cater to a large amount of people, which was challenging yet worthy! They were able to utilize the skills in hospitality that they had previously learned in Foods II. We had an amazing time!”  


Written by: Paula White
Posted: Mar 11, 2015 by Judy Davis

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