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Animal Interviews Spark Collaboration and Creativity

Fifth grade students recently worked on a collaborative project that tapped into their creativity. The activities integrated Science with Reading, Writing, and Math. One such activity was called Interview a Spider and required students to work with a partner to choose a wild animal and envision that animal in a conversation. The students brainstormed who, what, where, when, why, and how questions. Next they did research to find the answers to those questions. After gathering their information, students assumed the roles of reporter and animal and were encouraged to be creative as well as factual when publishing the interview.

The following is an example of one of the final products:
Reporter: So Mr. Hawk how many species of hawks are there in the continent?
Hawk: There are about 270 species of hawks found all around the continent.
Reporter: Wow that is a lot of hawks.
Hawk: Yeah there used to be a lot more than that when I was a child but then we are starting to get extinct.
Reporter: Well hopefully you and your fellow hawks can stop from happening.
Hawk: You know we are not the only one that can save us from being extinct.
Reporter: Then who or what can?
Hawk: Humans can help us. People hunt and kill us and their pollution is no help.
Reporter: Oh, ok then, what hawk is the smallest?
Hawk: The smallest is most definitely the American Kestral, weighing at 4 ounces.
Reporter: What is the largest hawk?
Hawk: The largest is the Ferruginous hawk. It weighs up to 5 pounds. They are a little cocky about that.
Reporter: How good is the hawk`s vision?
Hawk: It is great. Eight times as good as a human`s eyesight.
Reporter: Wow, that is outstanding.
Hawk: I am not trying to brag but we also have no predators. The main enemies are eagles and larger hawks. Sometimes snakes eat baby hawks and eggs of hawks.
Reporter: Wow. Well look at the time. I got to go interview Mr. Weasel. Bye Hawk those were some interesting facts.
Hawk: Thanks for having me, good bye.

Interview by Ethan Watts and Jorge Medina

Written by: Cheryl McBride
Posted: Mar 13, 2015 by Blair Austin

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