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Global Connections being made through Historical Fiction

 Fourth Grade students recently made some global connections while they were in a reading unit for Historical Fiction. Ms. Ridnour’s students read books about Germany and World War II during this unit and shared their thoughts about the social issues and learning about Germany and the wars impact. They saw how events in one part of the world affected others around the world then and today. The young students noticed how different cultures were involved in a devastating time in the history of the world. Rivers, Brittany, Diego and Lindsay shared some of their thoughts with us in the following written responses to the unit of study.

What I know about WWII and Germany - Rivers

I learned that WWII affected all of Europe and America. This started in 1939 when Hitler and his Nazi parties attacked Germany. Any Jew seen by a Nazi will go to concentration camp, the Nazis will starve them and they put them in gas chambers. This ended in 1945, so 1939-1945 six years. A whole six years think of all those people who died.
America came into WWII because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The allies were America, England, China, France, and Russia. The Axis was Italy, Germany, and Japan. Anyone who didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes would be considered a Jew. Over six million Jews were killed. Hitler killed four million people he thought were unworthy to have a life.
The location of the war was in Europe. WWII first started when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. The Americans were afraid to get involved in WWII because they didn’t want the war happening in America. When we went into the war we got lucky and it happened in Europe.
The number of people in Germany was dropping fast, and some people were hiding Jews in their houses. Over sixty million people died, that is 3% of 1939 world population. 35-55 million civilians were killed including 19-25 million that were war related diseases. Deaths of those in captivity involved five million prisoners of the war and that is a lot for just prisoners.
I am reading the Book Thief, this is why I know this. In class we read Butterfly, it was also about WWII. We also read Rose Blanche, this book was about the concentration camps. Another thing I read is I Survived series one of them is about WWII. Thank you for learning about WWII and Germany with me.

What I Know About WWII and Germany- Brittany

The war started in Germany, 1939-1945. Lots of people died because they weren't from there-they came from around the world or they were Jews. Some that were caught had to go to concentration camp and they weren’t feed. Hitler was the Chancellor in Germany and when they walked passed they would put their hand straight up.
The Axis group killed about 50 million people. Hitler didn’t want to fight with Britain. Germany assisted Italy and the U.S. joined in December, 1941. Germany sank ships of the American merchant marine. The USSR did know that Germany would attack them but they didn’t know that they would attack so soon.
After the war: After the war the Allied forces became occupiers which mean they took control of Germany, Japan and much territory. Israel declared independence. At last WWII ends and they control Germany and Japan. Because of Hitler I think he did all of this.
I hope you like this- we learned about WWII which was in the Historical Fiction reading unit. WWII had lots of issues to talk about and our book that we read was , Rose Blanche, it’s about this girl Rose Blanche and she was German and she followed the Nazi and they lead her to a concentration camp and she saw Jews. They were starving and one day she went over there and gave them food but they weren’t there and the Germans were in war. I learned a lot about WWII and Germany.

What I know About WWII and Germany- Diego

In 1939 World War II started and is also known as the Holocaust. It was a fight between the Axis countries (Italy, Japan and Germany) and Allies (America, England, China, France and most of the Soviet Union and others).Why did America get involved? Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor a military site and that got their attention so we went to war and if you go to Pearl Harbor you can see the oil at the bottom that fell from ships boomed.
What is WWII about? Well it all started when a man named Adolf Hitler didn't like Jews for some reason because he thought Germans were better and decided to make a team called the Nazi and went off to kill them.
The war started with England, New Zealand, France and Australia when they declared war on Germany. Then a lot of countries got involved. That’s why it is called WWII. The war lasted from 1939 to 1945 and in 1941 America got involved. About 6 million Jews died and about 7 million people who weren’t Jews died so about 13 million people died.
WWII ended by the Nazi surrendering but a week after that Adolf Hitler committed suicide. That’s how WWII ended. It was from 1939-1945 so 6 years. We learned all of this from historical fiction books and our discussions during literacy.

What I Know About WWII and Germany -Lindsay

I learned how WWII affected the USA, and all of Europe. In the 1900’s the war began, it was Germany and Europe also America fighting and Germany had a big battle. The war was a big thing in those times. The Jews were getting taken to concentration camp where they die with deadly gases that are filled with poison. The Americans were involved by Pearl Harbor. The war was fought in Europe and the war lasted until 1939-1945 and it was for 6 years.
It first started when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany then the war began. Over sixty million people died in World War II. The Germans were fighting for their life but sadly they lost. The concentration camps were set free and the Jews were all happy. The families that weren't for Hitler were also happy that Hitler had lost. Although for the people who were fighting for Hitler they were not so happy they have lost.
The soldiers were fighting for everything and they had their chance and they made it and won WWII. The Americans were afraid to fight because they thought it would happen in America. Hitler killed 4 million people that he thought were unworthy to have a life. Hitler was a bad man he wanted everyone to have trust in him to kill the people who had brown hair and brown eyes which were called Jews.
The people in Germany were in danger. But now they have their own Country and the Jews are all free and everyone has changed. The Americans trusted themselves to have faith in them and they had enough to win the WWII. The attack was big, the number of people was dropping fast and the people that lived in Europe were scared. Some people were keeping Jews in their home so they couldn't get caught.
I learned how the attack was a big thing and the people who were in America were fighting for our own country. If you ever wanted to be a soldier you will be a great person. I read two books that are about WWII. These were Historical fiction so if you ever want to read them the names are BUTTERFLY and ROSE BLANCHE.


Written by: Brenda Todd, Rivers, Brittany, Diego and Lindsay (Ridnour's 4th grade)
Posted: Mar 14, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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