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Mrs. Wall's 4th Graders Vote for Change

In Mrs. Wall’s 4th grade class, they have immersed themselves into the electoral process by nominating, electing and naming a Class President to represent them. One student pitched the idea to hold a class election on President’s Day after learning about how our founding fathers organized this nation’s government built on participation of its citizens.

First, we held a class vote to nominate the two candidates who would run against each other. It came down to Luke and Keira. The nominees had to then accept the nomination to run for Class President and dive headlong into a month long election.

Keira and Luke first thought of catchy presidential slogans. Luke said he was the “write” man for the job and used a pencil as a flag to illustrate that point. Keira created a flag that said, “Keira has all the right “koala”fications and depicted a picture of a koala. These flags were passed out to all the voters to remind themselves of the importance of casting their votes come Election Day on March 10th after giving incredibly thought out and provoking campaign speeches.

Luke, Keira and their helpers weren’t the only ones who participated in this campaign process. The voters were asked to create a list of questions to ask Keira and Luke during their campaign. Some students wrote news articles of the election and others helped create a voting booth, ballot box and decorate the classroom in festive red, white and blue.

On March 10, 2015, the votes were officially cast. The next day, we tallied the votes as a class while Luke and Keira sat nervously beside the ballot box eagerly waiting for that final moment.

The teacher called out “Keira, Luke, Keira, Keira, Luke…” Everyone was on the edge of their seats. The teacher then called out “Luke, Keira, Luke” while another student tallied the votes on the board.

It was down to Luke-4, Keira-4. They were neck and neck the whole time. As the second-to-last vote was called it was Luke-11, Keira-11. One more vote was left and would sway the entire election to one candidate or the other. The last ballot was marked “Luke”.

After the excitement of the moment, Keira walked over to Luke and shook his hand. It was a humble moment between candidates and it showed that Keira was not only a fine student, but a wonderful sport.

Together, Luke and Keira will be joining forces as President and Vice President, respectively. Overall, the whole class experienced what it felt like to work collaboratively, encourage each other and build a community.

They will all work together to spend our monthly class budget to buy books for our classroom library, school supplies and contribute to charitable causes.
On March 10th we not only elected our Class President, but we took one giant step forward to building a community based on collaboration and trust. I’d say we’re all winners in that regard.


Written by: Brittany Wall, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 16, 2015 by Carrie Johnson

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