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Students Take Globalization to New Levels

Ms. Welch’s class has taken globalization to an entirely new level! Throughout this school year, students have been researching different cultures each week, and have developed Personalized Learning Communities (PLC’s). Each day, the cultural focus changes, based upon the interest of the students. She begins the week with developing the students’ background knowledge about a country. Students learn where it is located, the landscape of the country, and the meaning of the flag. On Tuesday, they move into learning about the written and oral languages of the country. During this time, they compare and contrast their own language with the country they are investigating. On Wednesday, they research the specific culture’s art forms. On Thursdays, students decide what they would like to investigate and then present their findings to the class. Friday, students integrate math into their learning. Students follow a recipe, using measurements, and cook something authentic to the investigated county. Some of the cultures they have studied this year include Egypt, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, and Italy. Keep up the great work, Ms. Welch’s team!

Written by: Jessica Fenyves
Posted: Mar 18, 2015 by Jessica Fenyves

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