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Waxhaw Elementary Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Students were treated to Chinese food treats recently in honor of the Chinese New Year.

How can you top two “snow days” and a “two-hour delay”? With a Chinese New Year celebration in the school cafeteria!

On February 19, the cafeteria ladies at Waxhaw Elementary made coming back to school fun with a festive lunch. They decorated the cafeteria with Chinese banners and symbols to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Each lady dressed in authentic-looking traditional Chinese clothing.

The students loved to get the fortune cookies. A lot of students compared their fortunes from the cookies. It was also funny to see people trying to eat with chopsticks. The cafeteria ladies were very generous to give everyone a pair of chopsticks and a fortune cookie, even if they did not buy their lunch. The students had the menu choice of chicken and rice, which is one of the traditional foods of the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year for the year 2015, started on February 19. The tradition first started with the fight against a beast (with the body of an ox and a lion’s head) which inhabits the sea, called “The Year.” On New Year’s Eve it will come out to harm people, animals and property. Later, people found out that “The Year” was afraid of the color red, fire, and loud sounds. Therefore, for self-protection, people started the traditions of pasting red Dui Lian (a pair of lines of poetry, usually hand-written on red paper) on their doors, as well as launching fireworks and hanging lanterns at the old year’s end. Some of the other traditions are a New Year’s Eve dinner, red packets filled with money, and New Year markets selling supplies for celebrating. The Chinese New Year is a celebration that is celebrated by the Chinese all over the world.

Several students were interviewed about this event. The students enjoyed the celebration, but a fifth-grader, Ayden Wyatt, was disappointed. He said, “The chopsticks were a nice addition, but I was disappointed that my fortune cookie was only half a cookie and its fortune was missing.” The food was a treat. Fifth-grader, Ellie Humphrey, said, “I liked the chicken and rice. It was kind of different. I loved everything they did!”

The cafeteria served great Chinese food. The students had a great experience. It was a cultural event that gave the students a taste of the Chinese New Year.

Written by: Emma Barnes, Anna DeLoach, Olivia Barlowe
Posted: Mar 20, 2015 by Dana Sullivan

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