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Reading with Pre-K

 I begin to read to the sweet, little children. They love being read to. They have lots of enthusiasm for reading. When me and my class walk in the hallways, I always see their little pieces of art. They love crafts, too. I ask them questions to boost their reading skills. It seems that they love sitting and listening!
Some of the other kids were doing crafts with teachers, playing with sand or water, playing house/dolls, and even reading by themselves!
The whole reason we came across the hall to read with them is because we want to help us read out loud, get them ready for the future grades, and be leaders! We also teach them, sometimes, how to say words. The three teachers are really happy with us. They think we did a good job. Pre-K really are mini kindergarten!

Written by: Jessica Cosma
Posted: Mar 23, 2015 by Jessica Cosma

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