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Marvin Ridge Makes Science Olympiad History on (Super) Pi Day

Amidst stressed children, overzealous parents, duct taped projects, and an overwhelming smell of wood glue, champions emerged.

On Super Pi Day (3/14/15 = 3.1415) at UNC Charlotte, the Marvin Ridge High School Varsity Science Olympiad team made Maverick history. For the first time since its inception, the team placed first overall at the regional competition, defeating Science Olympiad powerhouses like Ardrey Kell, Myers Park, and North Mecklenburg. The varsity squad consists of 18 students, but over 60 students comprise the team.

Science Olympiad puts competitors' knowledge of science as well as their creativity to the test. Participants compete in test, lab, and building events with a partner. Test and lab events require participants to study up on their knowledge of the topic covered.

Building events require competitors to build a device in advance to achieve a given task; these events allow for competitors to use their creativity freely, which is essentially a prerequisite for success. Advisor and Physics teacher John Price explains, “It is very much like the Olympics, with many events going on at the same time and contestants spread out over the stadium, or in this case the arena at UNCC.”

Science Olympiad is among the toughest of science competitions in which our school competes throughout the year. The Charlotte regional tournament has the largest competitor pool in the state and among the largest in the nation. Twenty three high schools were represented in the High School-C Class this year.

After months of preparation--and last minute duct taping--our Varsity Team emerged victorious in the regional championship with a sterling silver first place trophy. Science Olympiad is one competition where low rankings are a good thing, and many first and second place rankings among all of the events brought on the good fortune of the Mavs on Super Pi Day!

President Mohammad Aboufoul spoke to the team after the competition, “I couldn’t have wished for a better way to end my Science Olympiad career. Each of you has contributed to this victory, and I’m proud to say that I’ve worked with you this year.”

While relishing the moments of victory, Marvin Ridge concluded the competition by chanting “Hoo! Ha! You wish you were a Maverick!” from the UNC Charlotte stadium’s nosebleed seats for all other school teams to hear.

Now our Mavericks will go on to the state tournament at NC State University April 24 and 25 to compete against the champions of NC’s other regions.

Written by: Mohammad Aboufoul, Student
Posted: Mar 23, 2015 by Lisa Justice

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