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Sardis Benefits from KOHL'S Support

The faculty and staff at Sardis would like to extend a special “thank you” to the Kohl’s Associates in Action. Volunteers from Kohl’s department store in Matthews have been coming to Sardis over the past few years to help support the school. The program was initiated by Kohl’s as a way to benefit the kids in local schools. Associates from Kohl’s spend up to three hours at a time at the school site doing various tasks that all help support teachers and students. Recently a group came and helped shelve books in the Media Center and work on projects for teachers. Meeghan Sherwood, a teacher assistant at Sardis knew about the program through her work at Kohl’s.  She got the PTO involved and soon a partnership between Kohl's and Sardis began.  Teams from Kohl’s helped out earlier this year as well as last year when they helped with the “Go Green Event” here at the school.  This happened last April when volunteers and parents worked to help with landscaping needs around the school. The store also offers monetary support to school whenever volunteers come out.

Written by: Blair Austin
Posted: Mar 23, 2015 by Blair Austin

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