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Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Sixth grade Social Studies had an awesome experience this semester and this week. During the semester we have been creating Discovery Ed and Google Slide Presentations. This week, we had a former ESL teacher from the area named Mrs. Charmie Gomaa come to East Union Middle School as a guest speaker on Google Hangouts. She has lived all around the world including Japan, West Africa, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Today, Mrs. Gomaa shared her experience by narrating a PowerPoint with photographs of her experiences living as an American living in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Student got to see pictures of the geography and how people currently adapt to their environment. Student got to see a very cool geographical formation in Saudi Arabia called “The Edge of the World” where there is a drop off on a plateau to a dry river valley below.

Students saw pictures on how people lived in a hot climate as well as some of the similarities and differences that our cultures share. Did you know that the average summer day is about 110 degrees and a really hot day about 120 degrees? Winters only go to about 40 degrees.

Students were highly engaged and impressed Mrs. Gomaa with their frequency and complexity. Students were curious on what the similarities and differences between cultures in the United States and Saudi Arabia/Egypt. Students saw a picture of McDonalds in Riyhad which is the capital of Saudi Arabia. They learned that Arabic is the name of their language and you have to read it from right to left and that a small circular symbol made the “b” sound in their alphabet. They also learned that people in Saudi Arabia like horse races as well as hunting. However, they don’t use hound dogs. They like to use falcons.

We are very grateful for having Mrs. Charmie as our guest at East Union Middle School and we are going to invite her back again through the miracle of the Internet to help us learn more about parts of Asia and Africa later in the semester. If we know less about the world, it seems like a big place. However, if we learn more about the world and become engaged to learn more about ourselves and others, the world becomes a little bit smaller with people that we know around the world.

Written by: Kevin Newman and Michelle Johnson, 6th grade teachers
Posted: Mar 23, 2015 by Susie Jones

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