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Global Leadership Night

 Students and families at Rocky River enjoyed many activities during the Global /Science Leadership Night. Students got to make crowns, vote on their favorite musical group, taste new foods and share their knowledge from classroom projects about their country of focus. The students had prepared a song about England and some girls were spotted singing to our special visitor.

Did you think you saw the Queen?
Second grade students compared Australia and England through various projects. Teachers had lessons on the flags, food, animals, weather, and vocabulary. The students completed books to share with their parents. Ms. Dunleavy’s class took the challenge farther by doing the booklet in Google classroom using their laptops. Mrs. Harlow’s class took their Global Studies/Technology time to research kangaroos and did a research project on their laptops in Google Classroom. They were excited to share information
They were able to integrate their Science curriculum on weather and keep track of weather in Monroe, England and Australia. They learned that in Australia their seasons are reverse from ours and they have winter while we have summer. Their school year begins in January where ours begins in August. Students in other grades were not aware of this and thought that having Christmas in the summer was different and cool.
Students and parents voted on favorite musical group and the Beatles won. They tasted food from Australia and England. Chocolate and biscuits (cookies for us) were the favorites. The Vegemite was liked by some and others did not enjoy the taste at all. Some thought it was like soy sauce, others thought of Nutella and many found it very salty. Everyone attending had a great, fun Global Leadership Night.

Kids said, "This is fun!  I want to do it again."


Written by: Brenda Todd Global Studies Teacher
Posted: Mar 24, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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