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North Carolina Famous Figures Wax Museum

 When you walked into the gym on the morning of Thursday, March 25th, you would have seen fourth grade students dressed as famous North Carolinians.

The fourth grade students had researched a famous person related to North Carolina and created a poster with interesting facts. Dressed as their research topic, the students stood still at their station and waited on patrons to push their button so they could perform their speech about their North Carolinian, as their North Carolinian.

Parents, fellow students, and teachers were impressed with how well the fourth graders did with this project! Trevor Horne in Mrs. Timmons class was definitely encouraged by those who visited his station as they said “great job” and told him more information about his North Carolinian.

Not only did each fourth grade student learn about the North Carolinian they researched, but they also learned about the many more that were represented at the wax museum.

Written by: Megan Hill
Posted: Mar 27, 2015 by Megan Hill

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