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A Big Second Grade Discovery

 A Big Second Grade Discovery!

The Western Union Elementary 2nd graders recently had an exciting field trip to the, ever so fun, Discovery Place in downtown Charlotte! And boy did we get to discover! We had such a blast!

Immediately upon arrival the students were ready to go explore. Once we split into our groups, everyone took off! Some went to see a 3D movie. Others went to explore how sound and water travels, and even more went to visit the exhibitions upstairs.

The students were able to explore forces and motions through hands on activities, such as the tennis ball launch, the wind tunnel, and the bead transportation station, where beads were moved by a conveyor belt to a giant bowl, sucked through winding pipes, and dropped back onto the conveyor belt to bring their journey full circle.

Nearby was another neat station where students discovered how pulleys worked to help the students lift each other high in the sky on the pulley chairs. There was an easy, medium and hard chair. It was quite the challenge, but boy was it fun!

We even had a class vs. teacher tug of war! Mr. Howard battled his class in a round of tug of war, and won! The students were puzzled at why, so they had to investigate. It turns out that each rope was tied differently to the object. The students and Mr. Howard switched sides and, sadly, he lost… big time…

Other than forces and motions, (and rigged tug of war games) the students were also able to observe some neat animals from all over the world. They saw stingrays, birds, frogs, and lots of fish.

Some students even had the opportunity to pet a live Hognose snake named Wally! Don’t worry, he was a friendly little guy. All of the animals were so neat to see, and some were very hard to find, due to their amazing camouflage.

All in all, it was a blast to see all of the second graders so excited about learning. They haven’t been able to stop talking about it, and are eager to return soon!


Written by: Forrest Howard, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 27, 2015 by Carrie Johnson

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