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Outreach for Orphans

Neale with son Patrick

On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, the student body attended an assembly dedicated to Neale Bayly. Mr. Bayly has been associated with our school for a number of years and he returned with more stories of his travels to South America and Africa. Mr. Bayly, accompanied by his son Patrick, shared information about his show Neale Bayly Rides: Peru, his career, and what he has been doing with Wellspring International Outreach. This non-profit organization raises awareness, money, resources, and hope for orphanages around the world. Their projects have been mostly focused on creating new facilities and buildings for abandoned children in Peru. The charitable work Mr. Bayly does also coincides with his other passions, photo-journalism and traveling. He has been inspired to travel, document his journeys with photos, and help impoverished children for almost twenty years now and he is still going strong after visiting almost sixty-five countries! Of those sixty-five countries, Mr. Bayly noted that Peru is his favorite.
For the second half of the event, Mr. Bayly answered questions posed by the students; everything from the shampoo he uses to a story about Fabio, the model. He shared with us, that cat and llama intestines are the weirdest food he has eaten, and his ability to touch on several languages, such as Spanish, Indonesian, and Romanian. In closing, Mr. Bayly stated that he’d like to come back in the fall and share pictures about his April trip to Peru, and possibly do a fundraiser for Wellspring Outreach. Patrick has also created an Instagram account so we can “join” him on his April ride through South America and to the orphanage. We can help raise awareness and money for Wellspring International Outreach through social media, by asking fifty friends/family to donate one dollar, and those people asking 50 of their friends, and so on; spread the word via Facebook or Instagram! You can also visit Wellspring Outreach’s website for more information and to contribute.

Website: www.wellspring-outreach.org
FB: www.facebook.com/wellspringinternationaloutreach
IG: @wellspring_int_outreach

Written by: Mindy Tran, Mandy Bell
Posted: Mar 27, 2015 by Mandy Bell

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