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Career and Culture Day

Kindergarten through second grade students learned about various cultures from the speakers of many countries. Students in third through fifth grade learned about different career paths from the many speakers that visited Wingate.

The culture day speakers shared information about their country in an enthusiastic way. Guests shared the customs that are exclusive to their country through pictures, stories, artifacts, music, and dance. Students were able to use background knowledge about each country to help them understand the new information they gained. Students discussed how each country was similar and different from the United States. The culture presenters included: Isaline Linton (Dominica), Andrea Laporta (England), Ann Stone (Italy), Gustavo Arevalo (Columbia), Ute Witt (Germany), Acchia Albury (Bahamas), Connie Koch (Kuwait), Delia Florez/Beatriz Zitlalpopoca (Mexico), Yara Ahrar (Iran), Carol Hill (Liberia), Amresh Kumar (India), Brian Anesu (Zimbabwe), Roz Brown (Panama), Deborah Connell (Japan), and Forest Hills High School students (Hispanic culture).

Career day presenters stressed the importance of school and education, while also giving the students a glimpse into their profession. Students were able to ask questions at the end of each presentation. Career presenters included: Travis Hubbard, Hailey Williams, Daryl McClendon, Chris Allen, Angela Trevithick, Cara Schott, David Bryan, Nick Coffey, Robert Hogya, Jason Easter, Amanda Sherrod, Crista Wallace & Aleia (German Shepherd), Donnie Gay, Tabitha Lockey, Kevin March, Eva Baucom, Dr. Lisa Dinkins, Susan Slattery, Andrew Mullis, Jennifer Aldridge, Claire Bradley, Robert Sumner, and specialists from Emergency Medical Services.

Wingate is grateful for the time each community member volunteered. The students were able to take away knowledge that will be remembered forever.

Written by: Jessica Fenyves
Posted: Mar 30, 2015 by Jessica Fenyves

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