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PRMS Receives Visitor from Israel

Adi Rodavsky speaking to 8th grade students.

 Eighth grade students welcomed Adi Rodavsky to PRMS. Adi is a member of a Jewish agency that sends representatives out into the world to help others understand more about Israel.

Adi is an ESL teacher in Israel. She teaches English to those students who do not know how to speak the language. After graduating high school, she served two years in the Israeli Navy where she served in missile ships and submarines to maintain border security. Adi explained that all graduates had to serve in the military for two years after graduation. Once her service in the Navy was complete, she went to college for three years and has two degrees - one in International Relations and Mass Media and another degree English Education.

Adi exlpained briefly, how Israel came to be a nation. She showed a slide listing all of the wars Israel has fought since it became a country in 1948.  Adi talked about why Israel seemed to be the center of so many wars, and how important it was to the three largest religions in the world - Judiaism, Christianity, and Islam. She said of Jersalem, "everybody worships together." 

Israel is a thriving country that has many acheivements to its credit. Adi described some of the advancements Israel has made that we use in the US.  Progress in technology, solar power, water conservation, pharmeceuticals, and even electric cars. 

She showed the students a variety of landscapes in Israel, from the hot, dry desert in the south, to the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean, even the city lights of Tel Aviv "the city that never sleeps." 



Written by: Christine Courtney
Posted: Mar 30, 2015 by Christine Courtney

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